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Simply stated, 26th January is a day which marks the implementation of the Indian Constitution. The foundation of the Constitution is based on the principles of justice, liberty, and equality for all Indians. 63 years later, I think the country is doing a great job in forgetting the guiding principles on which the Constitution and our country was formed.

Today, Justice – social, economic or political is a dream for most. In order to get Justice in this country, one has to initiate protest marches and sit on fasts. On one hand, we have the liberty of thought but sadly it is caged in so many laws that it really is worthless. And what do I say about Equality? There is hardly any present in today’s society.

So, what are we really celebrating about? Most youngsters in their early twenties and into new jobs are rejoicing a holiday, probably most of them are still in their beds. Do you think it really matters to them? But should it matter is the bigger question. Of course, it should. Tiny tots are forced to schools and we all know what happens there. We wave the Indian flag today, and tomorrow you’ll find a sweeper sweeping it off the streets. We enjoy cultural programs, play patriotic songs in loud volumes, have a get-together, eat some samosa and jalebi and go back home happy to have celebrated a national holiday.

You know what else we are celebrating? Discounts! Yes, you read it right, discounts! As I opened the newspaper in the morning, it is flooded with ads about different kinds of discounts. There is hardly anything about Republic Day as such.

The fact is, it is not the Constitution that is failing. It is actually we, the people who are not keeping our promises that we made to ourselves years ago and still so.

Do you really think today is a day to celebrate?