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The iPad 3 is not yet released officially for India but ecommerce stores just can’t wait. I came across the Rediff Store and guess what the price of the new iPad is at their online store?

1. iPad 16GB WiFi Only for INR 59,990

2. iPad 16GB WiFi + 4G also for INR 59,990!!

3. iPad 32GB WiFi + 4G at INR 64,990

4. iPad 64GB WiFi at INR 79,990

5. iPad 64GB WiFi + 4G at INR 69,990! (WTH!)

I seriously think Rediff just lost its mind. Do they even check before adding sellers! This is crazy, I mean you could actually travel to the US, buy one and come back. It would be a great shopping vacation. I seriously don’t know why people want to take advantage of the non-availability and exploit consumers.