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(x1, y1, z1)

We, beings that can traverse by choice in 3 dimensions, need 3 Cartesian points to locate a POI.

For example:
We need at least 3 satellites to map an entity’s position using the GPS system.

Enter The Fourth Dimension


(x1, y1, z1, t1)

Let us go one step higher. Imagine a fourth dimension being that can be perpendicular to the other three spatial dimensions that we know.

Let us assume that this dimension is time.

Our imaginary fourth-dimensional being, can by choice, traverse in all four dimensions, within this universe.

For example:
If a fourth dimensional being wanted to find you, it will have to look at the three spatial coordinates that we are aware of, that marks where you are in this galaxy, in this solar system, on this planet, in your country, city, your building, room and the chair you are sitting on.

Then, it has to select what ‘time’ version of you it wants. If it wants you as soon as you are born or when you graduate and so on.

Enter The Fifth Dimension


(x1, y1, z1, t1, u1)

This one needs you to have a really encompassing imaginative power.

First, you need to realise that, our Universe is one where the Big Bang happened, our Sun got created out of gasses in space, the third rock from our Sun was kind enough to support life, humans became a well evolved intelligent beings, your parents met and you were born and you are now reading this.

Now, imagine an alternate Universe where any of this could have happened differently. If you consider the Universe where all the above-mentioned events occurred and you are reading this, U1, then a Universe where one or more events mentioned above occurred differently, can be called U2.

So now, it is agreed that each Universe is unique due to the possibilities of events that occurred to create it.

For example:
If a Fifth-dimensional being wanted to find you now(t1), it will look for the Universe where the Big Bang happened and did not create enough anti-matter as matter so, some matter survived. From that matter, our Sun, Earth and You were born. Which could be u1. As opposed to u2 where equal amount of matter and anti-matter was formed, thereby nothing existed after the initial mutual cancellation or u3, where the laws of physics are different and it is inside out with gravity being the dark energy that beings from that universe don’t understand yet, tachyons move forward in time, you know what I mean.

So now you know what Cartesian points you need once you find a fifth-dimensional being’s car lying around with it’s key in the ignition, assuming of course that all x,y,z,t and u possibilities are identified and indexed.

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