in Personal

It was engineering college and I was just a freshman. I was in this new place, new city where I hardly knew anyone. I felt lost. As months passed, I got engrossed in books. My daily routine would be to get up and get ready for college, attend all lectures, come back home and work on assignments. I am happy this lasted only a few months.

One fine day, and I wish I could remember the date cause it did really change my life, I met this guy, Purvesh Sahoo. He was my classmate but as time passed by he turned more of a best friend, family, in fact. The journey started from the front benches to the back ones, and I must tell it didn’t take much time. I was happy to be back there, you know why? Because all the innovation was happening back there. Backbenchers have one heck of a brain, I must tell.

Anyways, me and Purvesh would spend hours working on numerous business plans, business ideas and I remember once we did finalize what we had to do and then spent around 4 days trying to finalize a name. But, we did something different. Yeah, grades did fall a little but we managed to keep it at a respectable level. There are many experiences which I am able to recall right now, but I surely cannot pen them down just as well, so I’d rather keep them out of this post.

But, since this is a post dedicated to you (Purvesh “Ubuntu” Sahoo), I guess I am doing a little to bring back the memories. It is your birthday today, and although internet has made the world a small place, I think for now this is the best I can do to show my gratitude. Thanks for inspiring confidence in me and I am sure many others because of which I am walking on a path which is very less traveled, especially in India. I know you are having a great time in the US, study well, work hard, send me a return gift 😉

So, in a few years when people will regard me as a successful entrepreneur (fingers crossed), I would be doing something similar, only by voice rather than text.

Thanks again mate! Have a wonderful year ahead. Enjoy your birthday! Best wishes  from me and everyone at home.

P.S: You need to come back soon, so we can kick some business b***s here!

And yeah, I know the picture is crap 😛