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Content content everywhere, not a drop to consume! Well, that sounded a little too dramatic, but honestly, the fact is that there is a whole lot of content on the Internet today. Considering that there is so much already out there, is it still a good thing to create content? Or should you rather be the good guy, do some hard work and curate content?

I’ve always faced this question with my blog on startups, While I am still not sure as to what the best practice is, I am getting inclined towards the curation part. With a lack of quality writers who’d also be passionate about the topic, no doubt curation seems a better way forward.

Here’s why content curation makes sense:

1. Become a thought leader

This is one of the biggest benefits of curation. To be a good curator, you have to go through a lot of content. And I mean a lot of content. This not only helps you expand your knowledge on the topic but also helps you establish yourself as a thought leader in that field. Since you’ll have to stay on top of the industry news and trends, your audiences will keep coming back to you and will look up to you.

2. Become a community builder

Well, curation often leads to conversations and discussions. In fact, sometimes even the other way around. It is an excellent way to get involved in communities and participate actively in groups related to your industry. You can soon start such discussions yourself and become the talk of the town, online of course!

3. Make great friends

Being a curator will definitely get you a lot of friends. Many of them will be your readers who follow you because they are interested in the topics that you curate. Many of them will be content creators who appreciate the fact that you recognize their content among all that there is on the web. All in all, you’ll make some new connections that will be a starting point to long lasting relationships.

And the best part,

4. Curation can save you some time

I don’t say that curation is an easy task. If you have to be good at it, you’ll have to work really hard. But, honestly, having run a content business for more than two years now, I know how difficult it is to create content. That’s when curation becomes necessary.


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  1. True that Panda. I started blogging for two reasons 1) to share tech solutions 2) to practice writing. But when i got a hand of it, i realised how difficult it is to create new (and gud) content on a consistent basis. Specially since the number of blogs/websites out there are only increasing every day! phew..
    I tried out many collaborative efforts as well, but nothing really worked out.. So far the content curation model you described above seems the best to me, but even that is somewhat a continuous additional effort. On the other hand, i was considering, find people who write on content similar to yours, hook them, form an internal community and aggregate your content together at one place. More like content on a similar topic by 10 bloggers at one place, but each one covering their expertise. So you build credibility (by curating, creating, & aggregating) which serves the purpose of originality and depth of your own posts, and frequency of other posts at the same place.

    • True. It is difficult to even build that kind of a blogger network. I’ve been trying. Hopefully both of us can be successful at that someday. But yes, something has to be done on the lines of curation, and efficient curation with manual intervention, else the purpose of curation is lost with automated content.