My CV of Failures

Well, it’s been quite some time since I wrote my last post. I think I should have added that to my CV of Failures as well. Anyways, over the last few weeks, the CV of Princeton psychology Professor Johannes Haushofer has been getting a lot of attention. He’s published something that he calls the CV of Failures which highlights all the things in life you failed at. He’s not the first one to do this though.

Inspired by Professor Johannes Haushofer’s CV of Failures, I decided to work on my own set of failures. The idea to make this failure resume got further triggered by Ankur Warikoo, a friend, and CEO of Nearbuy who shared his failure resume as well. Continue reading

Why I Chose SPJIMR Over YIF?


Well, a lot of people have asked me this. Actually, not a lot but only a few who truly understand what YIF is and hence the question. For others, it seems there is no comparison. Anyways, I have been thinking of writing this for long, so today is the day.

For those who don’t know, YIF stands for Young India Fellowship. Simply put, it is a one-year post-graduate program which is multidisciplinary and is guided by the best of the best in their field. The Young India Fellowship, like it says on the website, seeks to groom young women and men who will lead India through the 21st century. Continue reading

The Best B-Schools Of India Still Suck In Technology, Apart From Other Things


Honestly, I have never been a big fan of the education system here in India. Although, I haven’t studied from the premier institutes in the country, but I have a fair enough sense of judgement that helps me identify the key differences in the system here, in India, and that abroad. Anyways, why am I writing this post today? Well, the CAT 2012 results were announced today. If you do not know, the CAT is a national test in order to apply for admissions to the prestigious (for many!) IIMs in India and considered one of the toughest examinations in the country. Continue reading

Birthday Wishes To The One Who Helped Me Take The Path Less Travelled

Happy Birthday Cake

It was engineering college and I was just a freshman. I was in this new place, new city where I hardly knew anyone. I felt lost. As months passed, I got engrossed in books. My daily routine would be to get up and get ready for college, attend all lectures, come back home and work on assignments. I am happy this lasted only a few months.

One fine day, and I wish I could remember the date cause it did really change my life, I met this guy, Purvesh Sahoo. He was my classmate but as time passed by he turned more of a best friend, family, in fact. The journey started from the front benches to the back ones, and I must tell it didn’t take much time. I was happy to be back there, you know why? Because all the innovation was happening back there. Backbenchers have one heck of a brain, I must tell.

Anyways, me and Purvesh would spend hours working on numerous business plans, business ideas and I remember once we did finalize what we had to do and then spent around 4 days trying to finalize a name. But, we did something different. Yeah, grades did fall a little but we managed to keep it at a respectable level. There are many experiences which I am able to recall right now, but I surely cannot pen them down just as well, so I’d rather keep them out of this post.

But, since this is a post dedicated to you (Purvesh “Ubuntu” Sahoo), I guess I am doing a little to bring back the memories. It is your birthday today, and although internet has made the world a small place, I think for now this is the best I can do to show my gratitude. Thanks for inspiring confidence in me and I am sure many others because of which I am walking on a path which is very less traveled, especially in India. I know you are having a great time in the US, study well, work hard, send me a return gift 😉

So, in a few years when people will regard me as a successful entrepreneur (fingers crossed), I would be doing something similar, only by voice rather than text.

Thanks again mate! Have a wonderful year ahead. Enjoy your birthday! Best wishes  from me and everyone at home.

P.S: You need to come back soon, so we can kick some business b***s here!

And yeah, I know the picture is crap 😛